Pino devita incoherent piano

First track "African Norge" (7:58) starts with nice samba-like percussion followed by some back and forth between ethnic jazz fusion on flute and marimba and free jazz improvisations. This track is full of (at times too much) contrast I've to say. At least for my taste the plain parts are too much straightforward and the avant-garde ones are too far off from being enjoyable. A nice but (IMHO) not very successful experiment. Next one starts off with - guess what? - right, bouzouki! and continues with some quite impressing keyboard play, obviously inspired by ATOMIC ROOSTER and accompanied by percussion and really awesome bass later on. This is a rather lengthy track clocking 10:51 and exhibiting a really great musicianship though being a tap too incoherent and aimless in some way. This is some highly diversified music presented here but I couldn't necessarily claim that it's an enjoyable type of variety since there's too much contrast between odd and straightforward. "Giugno '75" is the longest track with 11:58 min. and most probably the best and most enjoyable one here starting with nice keyboards and some background choir in a rather slow pace and becoming more up-tempo later on. In its middle part it has some nice intricate jazz played on keys, acoustic bass, marimba and drums. Later on there's been added up some electric guitar and thereafter bouzouki, marimba and bass are playing together in a marching rhythm beat before it ends up in a slightly hilarious final with some shooby-dooo-aaaa-type of vocals. Despite this finish I've to say that on this one their very own experimental style worked quite successful. The two remaining shorter tracks don't offer anything worth mentioning without being a complete failure. Overall this rare and sole album by Italian band Maad is mentionable for the uniqueness and effort alone but nothing worth to hunt for necessarily I'd say. An interesting affair for the collector of obscure 70's releases and possibly for the ones liking the stuff their German counterpart EMBRYO did! social review comments | Review Permalink
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Pino Devita Incoherent Piano