Neneh cherry & the thing - the cherry thing

M aybe former pop singer and Brit award-winner Neneh Cherry was destined to end up singing with a free-improv jazz band. After 1980s hits such as Buffalo Stance and Manchild , and collaborations with film composers and dance experimentalists in the noughties, she returns to the jazz-inspired situations she first explored with the post-punk band Rip Rig + Panic, which she'd learned at the knee of her jazz-trumpeter stepfather Don Cherry. This exhilarating set with Norwegian and Swedish free-jazz trio the Thing dramatically bridges the singer's avant-pop world and the flat-out sax-howling, percussion-thundering soundscape the group have been poleaxing audiences with since 2000. The cover of Suicide's Dream Baby Dream , the eight-minute standout track, is like free-squalling South African township jazz. Sudden Movement has a feel of Don Cherry's involvement with the Liberation Music Orchestra to it, while the vocals on his own Golden Heart are ghostly and echoing. The Stooges' Dirt is a terrifying avant-blues shout amid multiphonic squeals. This album is real fusion, not just a genre-crossing shot in the dark.

Mabel, a child of the golden-age of 00s r’n’b, harnesses the energy of her idols Beyonce circa Destiny’s Child, as well the vocal stylings of musical legends like Stevie Wonder and Minnie Ripperton and imbues it into her offering. She also looked to the gospel undertones of both Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo and September 5th DVSN and the output of fellow young songstress Kehlani to create innovative ways to layer her harmonies and craft her melodies. The beauty of her compositions and her natural affinity for imaginative narratives buoyed by her velvety vocals makes it set for 2017 to be Mabel’s year. She concludes, “I wanted to do everything on my terms with Bedroom and create something that is 100% authentic to who I am. It was both a freeing and terrifying process. I hate the expression ‘finding yourself’ but I do feel like that’s what I’ve been doing. I can’t please everyone but I can create something that makes me happy and that’s the most important thing. This is just the beginning. I will continue to push myself but this is definitely an important part of my journey that I want to share with my fans.”

Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas' wonderful Square One is out now! The album is Album Of The Week at Bleep. You can buy the album from Bleep here .

This, on the other hand, doesn't shed any light on Neneh's past works, nor does it re-work these songs in a way that deletes the source material from your central frame of reference, so the best way to think of it is not so much a "Neneh Cherry record" as a "Thing record" with Neneh Cherry doing guest vox throughout. We should probably kiss some ass at this point, as it is Neneh Cherry, after all, but then again, this has sometimes been described as a "confrontational listen," which is always a bit of a weird description. I mean, people don't cook "confrontational" meals, do they? I think we all know what it means...And before we get too excited about Neneh Cherry's late-80s heyday, let's recall that the title of her 90s rainbow anthem "7 Seconds" referred to: “The length of time a newborn baby remains free of prejudice”, which is not only terribly unscientific, it's also quite silly.

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Neneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry ThingNeneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry ThingNeneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry ThingNeneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry Thing