Joe fuller you made a hit / a summer love

"That is such a great player. I walked into Chris Cobb’s shop, Real Guitars, in San Francisco, one day, not thinking of buying anything. But there were two ’60s Strats – a ’64 and a ’61 – on consignment. I couldn’t believe it, I’d been looking for something like them for 10 years. So then and there, I bought them. Then Chris said, “If you’re in the mood for buying stuff, I’ve got my Special here.” He brought this thing out, and I could not believe it. I’d owned some nice ones, but they always fought me, as a player. This one, though, is amazing. Talk about mojo! I couldn’t believe how great it sounded and how easy it was to play. He had bought it from an old rock-and-roll player who told him he was the only owner. My neurosis kicked in, and I had to have it. So that was an expensive afternoon, as I walked out with three cases!"

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And it is a good movie — not a great movie, but a good movie. I watched it for the first time since it came out for this piece. I was taken aback. I was never a fan per se, but on rewatch, it was much better-looking and more sharply plotted than I remembered. An obviously personal movie, it's an impressive portrait of its lead character, Andrew Largeman. The film is rightfully criticized for having its female character only exist to help the male protagonist find himself. However, this is hardly a new or unique phenomenon. And more important, all of the other characters, including Peter Sarsgaard's Mark, are just as undeveloped. It's a short movie about one man's journey, so ultimately, all of the other characters are in service of that. So, yes, these other characters don't add up to much more than a pile of quirky details, but to Braff's credit, they are really solid quirky details. Mark collecting worthless Desert Storm trading cards because they'll be worth thousands one day is fantastically specific and trenchantly telling. There are a lot of bits like this that you might've forgotten: the recently rich Jesse spending his time shooting flaming arrows into the sky; Sam's hamster dying from its inability to use a wheel; Largeman, soon after learning of his mom's death, finding the spigot from a gas pump still in his car's gas tank. In his positive review of the film , Roger Ebert responded to that last moment when he wrote: "This is not a perfect movie; it meanders and ambles and makes puzzling detours. But it's smart and unconventional, with a good eye for the perfect detail."

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Joe Fuller You Made A Hit / A Summer LoveJoe Fuller You Made A Hit / A Summer LoveJoe Fuller You Made A Hit / A Summer LoveJoe Fuller You Made A Hit / A Summer Love