Electric indigo mongolia ep

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X + Y = 1 ……………………..(1)
112X + 19Y = ……………(2)
By solving above two equations
X = %,   Y = %

Question 12: Predict the products of the treatment of glycine with
(a) Aqueous NaOH
(b) Aqueous HCl
(c) Acetic anhydride
(d) NaNO2 + HCl

"My father was a preacher, so I went with him to churches that white people attended and churches that black people attended," Thorn says. "The white people sang gospel like it was country music, and the black people sang it like it was rhythm and blues. But both black and white people attended my father's church, and that's how I learned to sing mixing those styles."

Electric Indigo Mongolia EpElectric Indigo Mongolia EpElectric Indigo Mongolia Ep