Kim harris - she'd say otherwise

“That was a really important part of my life for seven years,” Kim added of his Five-0 run. “I’m really grateful to CBS and everyone else involved in the show for giving me the opportunity.”

He said her other activities prevented her from competing enough to be automatically given expert status, but if she had requested it based on her 2016 and 2017 finishes, it would have been granted.

“Little of this, little of that,” Selena said, openly ogling the one man on the planet that really got her blood boiling.

Though we’re all dying to know when we’ll see the pair walk down the aisle , the source warns that it could take a while. “There are no plans to rush an engagement. She would be slow to get married, for financial reasons.” That makes sense, considering Tay is worth an estimated $250 million, and would want to protect her fortune. In the end, though, love will win. “Taylor is so enamored with him and thinks he’s perfect. She gushes about how smart and funny and charming and handsome he is. It really is like being in a romance movie ,” the insider concludes.

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Kim Harris - She'd Say OtherwiseKim Harris - She'd Say OtherwiseKim Harris - She'd Say OtherwiseKim Harris - She'd Say Otherwise