Quiet evenings impressions

Words were not needed as they trekked up the mountain, enjoying each other's quiet company. Fyr walked a little more slowly than Hiss and the young cougar considerately kept to her pace, ears twitching as he tried to make it seem like it was just the right pace for him. Taller than Fyr, his stride proved longer and he paused from time to time, pretending to take in the view down the rolling mountainside as evergreen trees layered their path between them with dried needles.

It was very okay with him to be walking behind his mother, however. Watching the sway and clench of her arse would never be a pastime that he would grow bored of and he fixed her hungrily with his gaze, heart rate increasing from a reason other than mild physical exertion. Her buttocks curved through her hiking trousers, the shape easily discernible from all her work on the home farm - she was not an inactive dragon-mom by any means. Her scales shone with good health in the flattering evening light, golden rays of sun filtering through the trees as she led them higher and higher.

Hiss shook his head and tripped over his own hind paws. How could he concentrate on something as simple as walking when she was ahead of him? He gnawed the inside of his cheek, a deep growl building in the back of his throat.

Stopping dead, he sucked in a breath, his small nostrils flaring as if he could take in her scent. Her natural aroma, however, was overpowered by the scent of crushed pine needles, luscious grass in the peak of the season and something mustier, earthier that could only be the land itself. It was an intoxicating mixture, yet not quite the tincture he yearned to slip down his throat, cock hardening in his pants.

Hiss groaned, subtly re-adjusting himself. Why had they had to go out? He would have much rather had fun with his mother in the privacy of their cabin. He wrinkled his nose, muzzle creasing. What had she even brought him out to the cabin for, anyway, if not to, well...do what they did best at that moment?

"Hey, what are you waiting for?"

Fyr pulled him back to reality, standing on the crest of the slope ahead with a relaxed smile pushing up into her cheeks. Her long jaw hung ever so slightly open, completely at ease, and she called him on with a flick of her tail.

"We're almost there, slowcoach."

Hiss pricked up his ears, the distraction from the tightness in his pants more than welcome. Almost where?

Picking up a jog, he caught up, realising that there was abruptly more to his surroundings than he had given them credit for. So focused had he been - for due reason - on Fyr's body that he hadn't even noticed the burble of water growing louder and louder. Near enough bounding to the top of the slope, Hiss skidded to a stop at his mother's side and gasped audibly, unable to swallow the sound quite in time.

A steaming hot spring stretched out before them, the lick of warm air tantalising on his fur. Trees stood back respectfully from the water's edge, stark slabs of rock surrounding the water as if to denote it as a natural swimming pool. Fyr clapped her paws together and bobbed on the balls of her hind paws, a low, appreciative croon rolling from her lips. Hiss groaned and spread his paws out, wriggling them in the tempting warmth, a bare promise of what the spring surely had to offer.

"Wow..." Hiss couldn't take his eyes off the rise of steam curling softly from the surface of the water. "How'd you even know this was here? It's amazing! No wonder there was a track. I would've thought more tourist types would have taken advantage of a spot like this too."

He paused, tail flicking.

"Are you sure the cabin is isolated enough for us if there's a draw like this up here?"

Fyr inhaled deeply, shrugging her backpack from her shoulders and dropping it neatly at her feet. She took her time in replying, stretching her arms above her head. Wearing just the thin-strapped top and hiking, cargo-style pants, there wasn't much on her to hide her form and Hiss drank her in hungrily. His tongue snaked out to lick along the edge of his lips as Fyr pushed her shoulder blades back, working out every kink and sore muscle from their long drive. There was no wondering why he'd had to have her the first time she'd come on to him - not with a body like that.

Shooting him a look back over her shoulder, the dragoness smirked and winked wickedly.

"I was rather fancying going for a dip..." She fluttered her eyelashes. "It'll be nice and warm... Won't you join me?"

Hiss started, whiskers quivering.

"What, in the spring?"

Fyr giggled and tilted her head to the side.

"Yes, that's right. What did you think I meant?"

Hiss shook his head, paw suddenly trembling and mouth dry - too dry. He tugged at the neck of his T-shirt, sweat patches darkening beneath his arms, although the evening was pleasantly cool and invigorating.

"Nothing... Just..." He swallowed. "What if someone sees us? I don't have any swim trunks or anything, not with me. You should have told me you were planning to bring us up here."

He shot her an accusatory look as the dragoness dragged her shirt off over her head, dropping it in a crumpled heat to the smooth, warm stones. Hiss' jaw dropped.

"What...are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing here, honey?"

Fyr grinned and winked, wasting no time in shimmying out of her trousers and, too quickly for him to appreciate the gesture, her underwear, leaving her standing out in the open with just her scales to cover her.

Before Hiss could even think of replying, the dragoness slipped into the water and exhaled softly, the rise of her breasts sinking beneath the surface. She paddled out a bit, hind paws bumping the bottom of the pool as she stood comfortably with her nipples only just poking out over the lap of the water.

Hiss swallowed and tugged at the neck of his T-shirt. Fyr cooed encouragement and, heart hammering, he undressed as if in daze, watching the scene of himself stripping as if taking the place of a voyeur in the bushes. He should have stopped and gone back to the cabin, but she had a hold over him that simply could not be broken. Hiss mewed softly to himself, tail lashing the air. It wasn't as if he didn't want her. Oh, he wanted her more than anything, just all to himself and all day and all night long too.

His hard shaft sprung out into the open and the dragoness sucked in a breath, eyes wide. Suddenly self-conscious - what would she think of him being so hard and forward when she hadn't even really started anything with him that day? - Hiss swiftly jumped into the pool, splashing her as he soaked his fur down to the skin. Defining muscle, he couldn't have said that it didn't make him look any less hot than he already was, showing off with a flex of his biceps, despite the shiver of nerves bundled up in his stomach.

Shaking the water from his ears, Hiss smiled sheepishly, standing with his chest out of the water a short distance from his mother. She wasn't having any of that, however, and scooted up to him, sending a small wave of water splashing up to his neck where the lighter cream-brown of his front met the base of his neck.

"Seems you have something for me there," Fyr giggled, one eyebrow raised. "Have you been staring at me the whole way up here?"

Hiss mumbled something about walking behind her as the dragoness swept all fears of discovery from his mind with her paw wrapped around his shaft. She pressed her body up to his, tail winding around his leg so that he could not have pulled away even if he'd wanted to. And, for once, the cougar was all too happy to surrender control. She already had him eating out of the palm of her paw, so who was he to even think of complaining?

"No one knows this is here, sugar," she breathed, breath tickling the damp fur on his throat. "Don't you worry yourself about that. This time here is just for you and me and no one else."

Fyr pumped his shaft slowly, taking her time as she drew him closer, sitting back on a natural ledge of rock beneath the surface of the water.

"You relax now. Let Momma take care of you."

Hiss groaned and nodded, unable to do anything but exactly what she told him to do at that moment. Wrapping her legs around his waist, the dragoness let her head roll back and pulled her hips up to him, lips parted as she rubbed the tip of his shaft against her pussy lips, her deeper passage already slick and ready with her own arousal. Without thinking, Hiss cried out softly and arched his back, rocking his hips forward and sending his cock slipping too easily into his mother's needy cunny.

The dragoness tensed her neck as he pushed in, the penetration a little rougher than she would have liked without her natural lubrication right at the entrance to her tight sex, but that couldn't be helped in such a location. Her breathing grew laboured and she let Hiss bear his weight over her, pinning her back into the rocks as the spring sloshed noisily around them. His eyes locked onto hers and he growled softly, claiming her lips with his own, although he was sure she would feel the slight tremble behind the passionate kiss.

How could he ever have been so lucky to have such a hot dragoness as a lover and a mother? His head swam, paws scooting around her hips to rock her up to him with each and every lustful thrust. And had there ever been such a delectable combination of a fur? Nothing could have been as erotic to him as her and nothing could certainly compare to the scorching heat of her body.

The cougar growled quietly, ears laid back as he drove into her, the wet slap of their bodies only muted by the splashing water. If anyone was to walk up, they would see them in all their naked glory, Fyr's breasts glistening with droplets of warm water. Hiss groaned and tucked his head down to his chest, shoulders shuddering as he drove in over and over again, tail flicking sluggishly underwater. Fyr's eyes didn't leave his as she pushed up and away from the safety of the rock shelf, demonstrating surprising strength as the rising weight of her body pushed her down on his shaft to the absolute hilt.

Hiss yowled.

"Harder," Fyr gasped out, winding her arms around her neck to pull her torso up to his, legs still around his waist. "I want you to take me - give me everything you can't at home, everything you've wanted to do, but couldn't because you thought we'd be caught, we'd be discovered."

Fyr nipped his throat sharply, eyes burning with a fire the young cougar had never seen before.

"I want every bit of you!" She demanded, claws digging lightly into his shoulders. "And you're going to give it to your mom right here and right now. Take me harder than you ever have before, Hiss! I want you in me - deep and hard now!"

The words may not have been eloquent, yet they stirred her own fires as much as they brought a fresh flood of blood to Hiss' achingly hard cock. What more could either of them have wanted for?

Arching her back at a shocking angle for a dragoness of her age, she used the leverage she had on his body to grind and rock herself on his shaft, her voice diverging to breathy moans as her clit and surely her g-spot were rubbed and stroked so wonderfully. But a cougar, even one caught up in his own lust, wouldn't let her go needy for too long, oh no.

Taking a firmer hold on her backside, Hiss took a deep breath and locked his lips with Fyr's, rocking back on his heels as he slammed up into his mother. It wouldn't take long for him to give her what she wanted, the dragon writhing and twisting against him with such vigour that he panted heavily into her muzzle, struggling to hold onto her slippery scales. The dragoness humped back at him - there were no other words to describe the frantic movement of her body - and Hiss battled with her tongue, each trying to take the upper hand that they couldn't claim.

Fyr shuddered up against him all of a sudden and slapped her tail into the water, sending up a shimmering spray into the steam, as she climaxed. Rocking up to her son, the dragoness moaned lustfully into their deep kiss, tongue wrapping around Hiss', and relaxed in his arms, suddenly going weak as all tension left her body in one great release. Body out of her control, she twitched and jerked against him, breaking the kiss to tuck her muzzle into the crook of his neck as her juices made the passage of his still thrusting cock deliciously slick, arousal mingling with the water.

Hiss panted.

He was close, very close.

Too close.

He yowled like a feral cougar as he hit his orgasm quickly after Fyr's, her passage slick and hot around his uncut shaft. Hiss panted heavily, breath escaping him far too swiftly to even consider making more noise as he filled his mother to the brim, balls tugging up closer to his body as he emptied every drop he had to give. The dragoness murred softly, breasts pressed warmly to his chest as she relied on the hold of her arms around his neck to keep herself in place, a hot shaft spreading her out as she'd craved. Hiss shivered, yet didn't take much note of how cool his torso was out of the water, grunting quietly as he thrust and ground through the final remnants of his powerful climax. His eyes rolled back into his skull, pleasure mingling with overwhelming physical sensation. Just what did Fyr do to him?

There was only so much a young cougar had to give, however - at least for the first round.

Exhausted, Hiss' legs gave out and they sank into the warm, steamy water with mutual giggles, still wrapped up in each other's arms as they came down from their respective highs. The cougar paddled frantically, limbs all moving in the wrong directions as he held Fyr firmly to his chest with one arm while he got his paws back beneath him again. The dragoness laughed breathlessly and clung to him, guiding the both of them to the side of the pool where they could at least sink into the steam and lean back against the wall, relaxing in the afterglow. There would, however, be much more fun for the both of them that evening and the fact was no secret to either of them.

Hiss smiled, nuzzling into Fyr's neck with a low, deep purr.

"As fun as this is, perhaps we should go back down to the cabin now?"

He pulled back his head just enough for her to see him wink, heart pounding just a little bit harder beneath the paw he had pressed over her breast. The spring steamed around them, curling them into a reassuring, erotic heat.

"I have so much more I'd love to do with you."

Complex adaptive systems are hard to understand. Messy and complicated, they cannot be broken down into smaller bits. It would be easier to ignore them, or simply leave them as mysteries. But given that we are living in one such system, it might be more useful to buckle down and sort it out. That way, […]

The first operational hour of each day at Sandcastle Waterpark is our “Silent Start Hour”. During the first hour there will be no music played and only essential announcements will be made. We recognise that for a growing number of our guests with additional needs, this should help create a more calming start to their visit.

Bring in 2017 in style – two or three-course menu, limited space available so book early. Dance the night away with music from Disco Dave, late bar and great company – Cheers!

Quiet Evenings ImpressionsQuiet Evenings ImpressionsQuiet Evenings ImpressionsQuiet Evenings Impressions