Kasparov the 5th gathering

Another unusual event occurred in the Aeroflot Open of 2008 in a game between Ngoc Truong Son Nguyen and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave . The last capture was on move 71, creating a rook and bishop versus rook endgame. The game was a theoretical draw until Black's 113th move (113...Rg2?), which was theoretically losing. White then managed to find the win, culminating in +, after which either 121...Ka6 + Ra7 # or 121...Rb6+ + Ka6 # would be forced, if not for the fifty-move rule coming into effect; Black claimed the draw. [5]

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Anna's Gram 1987
This game was a recurring feature on several of Softdisk's disk subscriptions; each time it appeared on a particular platform, it contained different puzzles. It's a combination word game/sliding tile puzzle in which letters must be manipulated and rearranged within a constrained area in order to spell out words. Several...

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Soon afterwards Ilyin-Genevsky, one of the older masters and a member of the Soviet embassy in Prague , arranged a match between Salo Flohr and Botvinnik. [5] Botvinnik fell two games behind by the end of the first six, played in Moscow. However, aided by his old friend Viacheslav Ragozin and coach Abram Model, he levelled the score in Leningrad and the match was drawn. When describing the post-match party, Botvinnik wrote that at the time he danced the foxtrot and charleston to a professional standard. [5]

Kasparov The 5th GatheringKasparov The 5th GatheringKasparov The 5th GatheringKasparov The 5th Gathering