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Jean-Luc Bozzoli is co-founder of Dolphin Connection International. Jean-Luc is a French artist living in the Pacific Islands for the past 40 years. He has spent thousands of hours immersed in the holographic undersea world of wild dolphins and whales, sharing the wisdom and the visions awakened within him, through his art.

With an innate fascination for the wonders of Nature, he always could see beyond physical nature, beyond Macro and Microscopic.  In 1984 after an invitation to gather with many of the world Shamans in Ojai CA, Mr. Bozzoli drove through most of California presenting Art Shows. There he met Joan Ocean in San Francisco and they traveled the world presenting Jean-Luc’s art films and sharing dolphin wisdom.

Jean-Luc's unique and beautiful art includes the cetaceans, and advanced sacred geometries which transmit the experiences of colorful animated miracles of transformation -- morphing, evolving and touching our hearts with Beauty and ancient ethereal memories. Jean-Luc is the producer of audio-visual presentations entitled: Dolphin Connection; Starseed; Transmuteo and his latest films of Dragons and Whales. This art reflects the inner world of advanced multi-dimensionals. It is their finest communication with us, at the cellular level. In the process it gently moves us beyond our limited linear reality. Since 1989, living on the tropical island of Hawaii, combining sustainable garden living and sacred architecture with residential workshops while producing art, films and and books. He is the co-founder of Dolphin Connection International and owner of Eye Within studios . Jean-Luc's Biography.     

Index . T-30 Control (UK) Blade of the Sun (2002) Hollow Earth (2006) T-30 control is a synth duo of Vincent Rees and Peter Smith. On Blade of the Sun they offer a ...

"Thank you again Eden Sky. You are a true and heartfelt keeper of the time and tides of the mind and heart. Bless you for loving your path, and for being an inspiration to others. Bless you also for being such an expressor of beauty and light."

Music writer Adam Harper of Dummy Mag describes vaporwave as having an ambiguous relationship to consumer capitalism , writing that "these musicians can be read as sarcastic anti-capitalists revealing the lies and slippages of modern techno-culture and its representations, or as its willing facilitators, shivering with delight upon each new wave of delicious sound." He noted that the name itself was both a nod to vaporware , a name for products that are introduced but never released, and the idea of libidinal energy being subjected to relentless sublimation under capitalism. [3] Music educator Grafton Tanner wrote, "vaporwave is one artistic style that seeks to rearrange our relationship with electronic media by forcing us to recognize the unfamiliarity of ubiquitous technology ... vaporwave is the music of 'non-times' and ' non-places ' because it is sceptical of what consumer culture has done to time and space". [34]

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