Trance dance - twang

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At the same time, and out of the same post-punk of Joy Division combining rock, pop, and dance music to earn much critical acclaim while selling millions of records. The group that would ultimately become the definitive Manchester group of the 1980s was The Smiths , led by Morrissey and Marr. With songs like "Rusholme Ruffians" and "Suffer Little Children", Morrissey sang explicitly about Manchester, creating songs that are as iconic of Manchester as the paintings of . Lowry .

In Southern Italy, the group known as Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (CGS for short) has kept alive the local folk dances and folk music traditions by playing them with the infectious energy and enthusiasm of a rock band. They often sing in the local language, Grica, which reflects the area’s original Greek inhabitants; and their rhythms show the influence of North Africa as well. I’ve been a  big fan of this band  for years, and now we have the chance to premiere their new video, called “Moi,” from their new album  Canzoniere . That album was recorded in part here in New York, and is full of global dance-pop rhythms which blend quite readily with the tarantella rhythm at the heart of so much southern Italian music. The song “Moi” (“Now”) has verses in a trance-y triple meter beat, which then explode into joyful choruses (still with that triple meter underneath.) Meanwhile, the video shows the band’s home town of Salento, and the beautiful, ancient landscape that surrounds it. It’s a wonderful but somewhat poignant little journey – since it was shot after the end of beach season and all the waterfront homes are empty and shuttered. But the song never loses momentum.

OK, so, what corners have been cut to bring the price down that low?  One single stereo 1/4" output serves for both phones and line out, there is one lonely sustain jack input, and no MIDI.  What?!  No MIDI??  Nope... there is a USB port though, which will happily attend those functions, but of course, you will need a computer to hook it up to.

Is one of the earliest examples of rockabilly and was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gene wrote this song in 1955 when he was recovering from a motorcycle accident. He became extremely popular as recording companies were looking for another sound like Elvis. He changed Rockabilly forever.

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Trance Dance - TwangTrance Dance - TwangTrance Dance - TwangTrance Dance - Twang