The chieftains further down the old plank road

The use of the word 'The' as a prefix to a surname, to indicate that the user is the head or chief of a sept comprising the bearers of that name, is a comparatively modern practice.    To understand this, one must glance back to the early mediaeval period when Ireland was administered by one legal system viz. Brehon Law … Brehon being a word formed from the Irish ‘breitheamhan’, the genitive of ‘breitheamh’, meaning lawgiver or judge.    That profession was of great importance and was usually the prerogative of certain Irish families, such as the MacClancys for the O'Brien dynasty, and the well-known O'Dorans of Leinster.

The name Merovingian derives from that of Merovech , of whom nothing is known except that he was the father of Childeric I , who ruled a tribe of Salian Franks from his capital at Tournai . Childeric was succeeded by his son Clovis I in 481 or 482. Clovis I extended his rule over all the Salian Franks, conquered or annexed the territories of the Ripuarian Franks and the Alemanni , and united nearly all of Gaul except for Burgundy and what is now Provence . Of equal importance, he was converted to Christianity in either 496 or 506. At Clovis I’s death in 511, his realm was divided among his four sons, Theuderic I, Chlodomir , Childebert I , and Chlotar I . Despite the frequently bloody competition between the brothers, they managed among them to extend Frankish rule over Thuringia in approximately 531 and Burgundy in 534 and to gain sway over, if not possession of, Septimania on the Mediterranean coast, Bavaria, and the lands of the Saxons to the north. By 558 Chlotar I was the last surviving son of Clovis I, and until his death in 561 the Frankish realm was once again united.

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The Chieftains Further Down The Old Plank RoadThe Chieftains Further Down The Old Plank RoadThe Chieftains Further Down The Old Plank RoadThe Chieftains Further Down The Old Plank Road