Houria aichi houria aïchi hawa

Many entertainment resorts are spread across the town. With regard to sports activities the most important destinations are the 1st November Stadium (Stade du premier Novembre), and Seffouhi Stadium , which is used mainly for soccer clubs and festivals (CAB & MSPB are the biggest teams in the city), in addition to the Scholar Stadium. For cultural activities there is a municipal Cultural House, which is located behind the Prefecture and covers many cultural and educational activities, in addition to the Islamic Cultural Center in the heart of the city and the Youth House in Cite Ennaser . For children, an attraction park is located in Kechida , which is approximately a ten-minute drive from the downtown area. Also a new 7D movie theater called Maya launched this year in downtown.

Hassan Lamrani , the Governor of Rabat , blamed concert-goers for the stampede, saying that they had "decided to go over the metal barriers to have a quick exit". [3] There were 3,000 police on duty at the event. [4] Maroc Cultures issued a statement to express "its great sorrow", extending "its profound and sincere condolences" to those affected by the tragedy. [4] King Mohammed VI also sent the families of those affected messages of condolence and offered to pay for funeral services and hospital costs. [4] Morocco's interior ministry has announced it will investigate the incident. [4]

Mawazine (Arabic: موازين ‎, translit. mawāzīn, meaning "rhythms") is a music festival held annually in Rabat, Morocco, featuring many international and ...

Hassan Massoudy brings new life to this text through his unique calligraphic style. On background colors that evoke the desert landscapes of which Ibn Arabi writes, Massoudy's brush strokes give visual expression to harmonious dance of the Lover and the Beloved.

Houria Aichi Houria Aïchi HawaHouria Aichi Houria Aïchi HawaHouria Aichi Houria Aïchi HawaHouria Aichi Houria Aïchi Hawa