Digital natives - the old truce

Kirschner minced no words about the impact the concept of “digital natives” has had on education and workplace expectations.

„Digitalization provides great opportunities for news providers. It’s crucial to fill new, relevant platforms with tailor-made content at the earliest possible moment.“

The racial makeup of today’s young adults is one of the key factors in explaining their political liberalism. But it is not the only factor. Across a range of political and ideological measures, white Millennials, while less liberal than the non-whites of their generation, are more liberal than the whites in older generations.

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To effectively interact in some situations, you need to know if someone is a Digital Immigrant or Digital Native. In some cases, you can simply look at a person, see their age, and know. In other cases, you need to ask a few questions. How old are you? When did you get your first computer? Are you a student? You can always explain about the difference between a Digital Native and Digital Immigrants, too. Ask someone which group they think they belong in.

mid-15c., "person born in bondage," from native (adj.), and in some usages from Medieval Latin nativus , noun use of nativus (adj.). Cf. Old French naif , also "woman born in slavery." From 1530s as "person who has always lived in a place." Applied from 1650s to original inhabitants of non-European nations where Europeans hold political power, ., of American Indians, by 1630s; hence, used contemptuously of "the locals" from 1800. Related: Natives .

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When concerned, worried, or frightened parents yell, nag, criticize, threaten or take the computer away, crisis ensues. Parents, digital immigrants, are concerned for the welfare of their children, do not understand their children's online lives, and are frightened that the kids waste their lives with "meaningless" online activities and gaming. They are concerned that their kids will fail or drop out of school and worried that the Internet or games may ruin their children's lives like they hear on the news.

Digital Natives - The Old TruceDigital Natives - The Old TruceDigital Natives - The Old TruceDigital Natives - The Old Truce