The havenots - say say goodbye

Destutt de Tracy, "fish-blooded bourgeois doctrinaire" though he might have been, at least forced Marx to agree that "in poor nations the people are comfortable", whereas in rich nations, "they are generally poor".

‘MEN DON’T HAVE BRAINS, WE ARE THEIR BRAINS’ | At Veronica’s, the queen of mean killed time awaiting Jeffrey’s arrival by taunting Melissa and, for good measure, throwing a sandwich at her — you know, for the baby’s sake. “And do something with your hair,” she added. “Get your ghetto ass together.” Later, Veronica headed to the hotel, where she sought out Candace, who was fresh off exchanging threats with Jim. Turned out, Veronica hadn’t just sent Erica flowers, she’d sent David’s new squeeze a bug, meaning that she knew about the hookers’ connection. What did Veronica want? In on their plans for David. In exchange for helping her make him suffer, Veronica would get Candace off for Quincy’s murder — which, given that she ended the scene in handcuffs, was an offer she couldn’t, and didn’t, refuse. Upstairs at the hotel, Jeffrey warned Justin to talk to his wife rather than let her be blindsided. “Your mom won’t do it,” the cop was sure. So, right on cue, Veronica slipped a note under the door saying that she knew Justin was in there. In the trio’s ensuing confrontation, Justin manhandled Veronica, who only laughed that she wanted him to grab her suit. “Grab it,” she said. “I’ll show you how much black lives matter.” As she departed, she told Jeffrey that she’d see him in court, as he was about to go to prison for a long, long time.

At Makkah the Quran generally addressed the mushrik Quraish who were ignorant of Islam, but at Al-Madinah it was also concerned with the Jews who were acquainted with the creed of the Unity of Allah, Prophethood, Revelation, the Hereafter and angels. They also professed to believe in the law which was revealed by Allah to their Prophet Moses (Allah's peace be upon him), and in principle, their way was the same (Islam) that was being taught by Prophet Muhammad (Allah's peace be upon him). But they had strayed away from it during the centuries of degeneration and had adopted many un-Islamic creeds, rites and customs of which there was no mention and for which there was no sanction in the Torah. Not only this : they had tampered with the Torah by inserting their own explanations and interpretations into its text. They had distorted even that part of the Word of God which had remained intact in their Scriptures and taken out of it the real spirit of true religion and were now clinging to a lifeless frame of rituals. Consequently their beliefs, their morals and their conduct had gone to the lowest depths of degeneration. The pity is that they were not only satisfied with their condition but loved to cling to it. Besides this, they had no intention or inclination to accept any kind of reform. So they became bitter enemies of those who came to teach them the Right Way and did their worst to defeat every such effort. Though they were originally Muslims, they had swerved from the real Islam and made innovations and alterations in it and had fallen victims to hair splitting and sectarianism. They had forgotten and forsaken Allah and begun to serve mammon. So much so that they had even given up their original name "Muslim" and adopted the name "Jew" instead, and made religion the sole monopoly of the children of Israel.

The Havenots - Say Say GoodbyeThe Havenots - Say Say GoodbyeThe Havenots - Say Say GoodbyeThe Havenots - Say Say Goodbye