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Before the tour commenced, the group filmed a Disney Channel concert special on May 11, 1999 from the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City. The first leg of the tour was a European leg, which ran from June 2–August 7, 1999 and featured more than 40 concerts in over 30 cities and 13 countries. The first leg of the North American tour initially sold 53 dates (40 announced and 13 added due to demand) [3] in 39 cities, scheduled to run from September 14–December 2, 1999. [4] [5] The entire leg sold out on the August 14 onsale date. [6] The reported 765,000 tickets grossed sales estimated at $30 million, with face values set at $ and $. [5] [7] putting the entire tour onsale on one morning was an unusual sales method which allowed the onsale to become an event and resulted in broken sales records. [8] A majority of the tickets sold out within the first hour of the sale, and several venues set records for sell-out speed. [8] [9] After adding several additional shows, the leg ultimately comprised 56 shows with some venues hosting three consecutive shows. As a result of Hurricane Floyd , which was approaching Florida, the band was forced to postpone the first two tour dates from September 14 and 15 to December 5 and 6. [10]

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Although it is 2D, it is the best DBZ game ever. Not only do you get most of the favourite DBZ characters in this game, you get to make the game from very easy to very difficult. There is a great deal of customization (power level, music) that you can do with this game engine. It runs without complex graphics or great demand on even older computers.

Millennium - Change Your LifeMillennium - Change Your LifeMillennium - Change Your LifeMillennium - Change Your Life