Val perry trio don't walk the hawk / the hawk

In the amazing 2014 documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey Of Richard Stanley's Island Of Dr Moreau (well worth a watch), it’s not-so-delicately explained that Kilmer replaced Bruce Willis on the film at the last minute and, almost immediately, demanded a 40% reduction in his time on set. Not only that, his behaviour while he was on set was appalling. News of his obnoxiousness and hostile run-ins with the director, his alleged bullying of the cast and Australian crew and a consistent refusal to follow the script was making its way back to the studio - and Hollywood in general. This chain reaction forced a post- Moreau Kilmer to start treading ‘bad rep’ quicksand almost immediately and his star began to fade.

Patti Page , The Voice of Patti Page (LP Mercury MG 20100): Keep Me in Mind (Burt Bacharach & Jack Wolf)

Val Perry Trio Don't Walk The Hawk / The Hawk