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Still using Zune and WMP. Groove is okay but feature wise, its too basic for modern music player. The only big thing about it is the streaming feature, remove it then nothing much special about Groove Music anymore. Design-wise, its alright but still needs work especially on some areas.

In 2007, Bass stated that he had faith Timberlake would return after six months off to record another album with NSYNC, and that he felt betrayed by Timberlake's 2004 decision to pursue his solo career instead. [32] Bass has also said that he has little hope for a reunion, since Timberlake has "made it clear that he wouldn't be interested in discussing another album any time soon." [33] Despite these statements, Bass has denied that he harbors any ill feelings towards Timberlake, saying: "At that time... it did feel like betrayal. I felt heartbroken. All these emotions went through me. Today, I’m really happy, and Justin and I are really great friends. I don’t hate him at all. And I understand what he was going through, and it was as hard for him as it was for any of us." [14]

8. Hairy Fodder
This is the first of my three “dredging” flies. When things really slow down and you have to go deep, the Fodder is one of the first ones that I reach for. It sinks like a rock, and the rubber legs and rattle can turn a neutral fish into an active fish. They come in several colors and with different size doll eyes to really dial in the effect that you’re looking for.

Report: Ted & I were At Clear Lake 9/24 - 9/27. We fished primarily at night with a few afternoon jaunts as well. I was suprised at the lack of weeds around the areas we fish. We actually fished areas that normally at this time of year, are all mucked & weed choked. We fish south to midlake this trip, mostly in Konocti & Buckingham. We did get a fair amount of bites, but the size was lacking! We boated several that went from - . We did get two big fish hits & I broke them both off. One took me into a dock anchor cable & the other one grazed me off a rock. Got a good look at both, but they still don't count! We caught them primarily on Texas rigged Yamamoto lg flappin hogs & creature baits with green pumpkin being the most productive color. The afternoon trips were more of the same, we just tried it to see if there was a difference in pattern. We only managed one jig fish, two blade fish & a few more on senkos. No swimbait or crank strikes at all which was weird given the water temp. Did graph quite a bit of baitfish & there was a lot of activity with fish rolling. Other than that, nothing else outstanding to report. We'll give it a try in a few more weeks.

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The 10 rap songs with good beats are hits from both the underground and mainstream. Some more famous names make the list …

In terms of file compatibility, the speaker will stream music from your network and supports playback of MP3, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless and FLAC. Audiophiles should be aware that like Sonos and Denon's HEOS system it will only support CD-quality files and not 24-bit high-res files.

10 Bass T It's The 10 Bass Trio10 Bass T It's The 10 Bass Trio10 Bass T It's The 10 Bass Trio10 Bass T It's The 10 Bass Trio