Rough kids the state i'm in

The rough in is whatever you want it to be past minimum code. Finish out is not the only place where all the additional expense is because the provisions for it go in now. In a standard state where other prices are not sky high, many charge $ per square foot minimum code with a few fools I don't understand charging $ but their quality displays that ;) At this time you need the low voltage wiring as well, such as cable and phone to every room. Cat5 Network, audio video, speakers need to be considered as well. Can lights are installed at rough in and on the low side they'll run $50 per but some charge as much as $100 per... maybe more? lucky them ;) Outlets will be every 12 feet and 6 feet from each wall beginning unless you pay extra or the electrician has his own standard that is above that. Needs for 240 volt at hot water heater, dryer, oven, range, a/c, and furnace. One light switch per room or more 3-way switches, lighting divided over multiple switches or just all on one switch. Ceiling fans prepped in the bedrooms. Outdoor outlets, upgrade outlet circuits to 20 amp or standard 15 amp to save money, extra circuits to garage, home theatre, etc. Lots of things to consider so you kind of get a range of $3 to $8 per square foot depending on how fancy it gets. Re-wiring the old portion will also cost a bit more than the new wiring.

Rough Kids The State I'm InRough Kids The State I'm InRough Kids The State I'm InRough Kids The State I'm In