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Instrumented and diagnostic energy audits by CPRI have resulted in identification of energy saving of 15-30 % in energy intensive industries, buildings and commercial establishments. CPRI also provides consultancy for implementation of the energy saving measures by operational optimization, overhauling of equipment and by replacement by new equipment, processes and energy conversion routes.

Dear Shareholders,
I am happy to present the Annual Report for the year 2012-13. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta, who is appointed as Joint Managing Director of your Company from 15th March, 2013. He has got more than 32 years of extensive techno, commercial experience in sales, marketing, business development, purchase, planning and CRM. I also thank Mr. Anuj Pattanaik the former deputy Managing Director.

Earthquake's sole competitive Academy Award Oscar win was for Best Sound, involving the Sensurround audio system.

The e3 motor (DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties) is specially engineered and programmed to drive the new WaveOne reciprocating files (Figure 4a). This motor produces a feature-specific, unequal bidirectional file movement. Because of the reverse helix design, the CCW engaging angle is 5 times the CW disengaging angle (Figure 4b). Additionally, it should be noted, this motor can drive any market version file system in full CW rotation at the desired speed and torque.
There are 3 critical distinctions with this novel, unequal bidirectional movement. One, compared to continuous rotation, there is a significant improvement in safety, as the CCW engaging angle has been designed to be smaller than the elastic metallurgical limit of the file. Two, opposed to all other reciprocating systems that utilize equal bidirectional angles, the WaveOne system utilizes an engaging angle that is 5 times the disengaging angle. Fortuitously, after 3 engaging/disengaging cutting cycles, the WaveOne file will have rotated 360°, or turned one CCW circle. This unique reciprocating movement enables the file to more readily advance toward the desired working length. 7 Three, compared to an equal bidirectional movement, an unequal bidirectional movement strategically enhances augering debris out of the Auguring debris in a coronal direction promotes the biological objectives for preparing canals, 3-D disinfection, and filling root canal systems.

Traditional versions of Tetris move the stacks of blocks down by a distance exactly equal to the height of the cleared rows below them. Contrary to the laws of gravity , blocks may be left floating above gaps. Implementing a different algorithm that uses a flood fill [13] to segment the playfield into connected regions will make each region fall individually, in parallel, until it touches the region at the bottom of the playfield. This opens up additional "chain-reaction" tactics involving blocks cascading to fill additional lines, which may be awarded as more valuable clears.

Figure 2 shows a plot of the thrust generated by a particular (variable pitch) propeller as a function of the airspeed (15 through 240 MPH) and power applied to it (250 through 500 HP).

JOG EXCITE: Service & Maintenance Manual - rev. . MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Width cm - 34 in Length 210 cm - 83 in Height cm - 56 in Running deck height from the floor cm – in...

Fans of breakbeat driven techno will want to throw this one in their bag immediately. For a full decade now, the Zenker Brothers have been releasing nothing but quality tunes on their Ilian Tape imprint, and to celebrate they are dropping a gorgeous 3xLP compilation appropriately titled A Decade Ilian Tape . You should be able to pick this up on pre-order at any of your favorite online retailers; we are obviously fond of  .

Seatools is able to deliver mechanical designs at every level – from the mechanical design of subsea components (such as our Inclino sensor range) to complex mechanical designs of a subsea trencher like the Arthopod pipeline trencher. Moreover, Seatools’ mechanical design department frequently plays an important role during feasibility and conceptual studies that require the performance of critical FMEAs. We also carry out (minor) upgrades that increase the performance of existing subsea equipment.

Various - Techno Rotation 3Various - Techno Rotation 3Various - Techno Rotation 3Various - Techno Rotation 3