Allen & envy forgotten souls

A Newfoundland boy with pale blue eyes and a chiselled frame, Furlong adjusted the elevation knob on his scope, the barrel of his gun pointing higher and higher with each turn. He knew the routine, had practised it a thousand times back at the base in Edmonton. The farther away the target, the higher the rifle should point. Wind blowing to the left? Aim slightly right. Most snipers will tell you it’s not much different than a golfer and his caddie lining up a long putt. Calculation. Instinct. And a little bit of luck. “You can teach a certain amount of it,” Furlong says. “But there is a large percentage that you must have naturally. A good shooter is born. You can’t teach someone to be a good shot if they don’t naturally have it.”

Based on the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer, Into The Wild is the story of Christopher McCandless, a troubled young man who wanders the country, hitchhiking and generally interacting with all sorts of people. Eventually, he makes his way to the Alaskan wilderness, where he sets up shop in an abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail, and tragically perishes due to lack of appropriate supplies and outdoor skills . Neither the book nor the movie explicitly stated McCandless' reasons for his walkabout, so his motivation was anybody's guess. Some viewed him as an anti-capitalist free spirit hippie who rejected the shallowness of typical American life, while others thought he was just some jackass kid who had zero clue what he was doing. In reality, he was mostly just a traumatized young man running away from an abusive home.

"Boogie Nights'' tells this story through the life of a kid named Eddie Adams ( Mark Wahlberg ) from the San Fernando Valley, who is a dishwasher in a Hollywood nightclub when he's discovered by a Tiparillo-smoking pornographer named Jack Horner ( Burt Reynolds ). "I got a feeling,'' Jack says, "that behind those jeans is something wonderful just waiting to get out.'' He is correct, and within a few months Eddie has been renamed "Dirk Diggler'' and is a rising star of porn films.

Allen & Envy Forgotten SoulsAllen & Envy Forgotten SoulsAllen & Envy Forgotten SoulsAllen & Envy Forgotten Souls