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Nick Jans is a celebrated chronicler of Alaska, both as a writer and as a photographer; his first book is a collection of essays about the time he spent living among the Inupiat Natives in the small village of Ambler, Alaska, a culture of the past being confronted with the future.

Loyalist Petition In May of 1782 Moses Moore petitioned the British government for a "daily allowance" to relieve the hardship he had incurred as a result of his loyalist support. His petition was addressed to British General Alexander Leslie who took command of the southern theater after Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown. The document appears to include a short note signed by Alexander Leslie indicating that Moses Moore was to receive beef and a dollar per diem. The petition is preserved in the Public Record Office of Great Britain (/4). Listed below is a transcription of the petition made from a photocopy of the original obtained from the North Carolina State Archives 28 . Click here (PDF File - Mbytes) to view photos of the document. To His Excellency Lieutenant General Leslie, Commander in Chief in the Southern District [?___ ___ ___] The Memorial and Petition of Captain Moses Moore Most Humbly Sheweth That your Memorialist was many years under His Majesty's Government, a Magistrate and Captain of Militia, in the County of Tryon in North Carolina, and took a very early and decided part against the present Rebellion in that country; - insomuch that both He and His Sons, have often felt the iron hand of [? ____palious] tyranny, & been frequently imprisoned both in South & North Carolina; for their attachment to the Crown of Great Britain,. That your Memorialist as a Captain of Militia fought under Colonel Cruger, at the Siege of Ninety Six, and was there wounded [? contending] for the rights of His King and Country. That your memorialist, former comfortable & most [? plent___] [? estate] is now reduced to great difficulties and [? distress] from a bad attack of health which he has long languished under. Your memorialist defies the world to show a single instance, where his loyalty was ever tarnished by any unjust motive; And now [? la______] with sorrow & great grief, the miserable necessity of being at the last compelled, to disturb your Excellency, with this supplication & prayer . . But when your Memorialist reflects, that it is the pure result only of honest misfortunes - He stands encouraged by a certain hope that Your Excellency will be pleased to consider the [? premises] and to aid him with some daily allowances, beside his common ration; in order that he may [? relieve] the melancholly reflection on his losses, and the infirmities of old age, with courage & decency, And Your memorialist will ever pray [? ___] Charleston 24th May 1782. [written in the left margin is the following note which appears to be signed "A Leslie":] To receive beef & dollar per diem from [? 1st] of May A Leslie [Page 2] Here the subscribers, knowing the contents of the within Memorial to be true, do give it the [? ____] of our [? hearty] recommendation. Treason and Confiscation Moses Moore and other family members are listed in the article "Tories in Southwestern North Carolina" by William Doub Bennett published in the Journal of Burke County Genealogical Society in December 1998: Rutherford County [NC] Minutes Court of P&QS, January Term 1783, , 116, 117 - Summons issued to the following on indictments by the grand jury and failed to appear at January Term and property is adjudged confiscated:
Moore, Benjamin (1 of 116 names listed)
(Bennett, Tories in Southwestern North Carolina, ) 1 Rutherford County State Docket for April 1783 lists the following as charged with treason:
Moore, Mosses (1 of 36 names listed)
(Bennett, Tories in Southwestern North Carolina, ) 1 Rutherford County Minutes Court of P&QS, October 1782 - Men charged with treason:
Biggerstaff, Aaron, decd. (1 of 28 names listed)
(Bennett, Tories in Southwestern North Carolina, ) 1 Rutherford County Minutes Court of P&QS, January Term 1783:
Joseph Lawrence was found not guilty of treason.
(Bennett, Tories in Southwestern North Carolina, ) 1 Rutherford County Minutes Court of P&QS, January Term 1783:
William Gilbert filed petitions against the following who were indicted:
Biggerstaff, Benjamin
Biggerstaff, Samuel
(2 of 43 names listed)
(Bennett, Tories in Southwestern North Carolina, ) 1 In 1782 the North Carolina House of Commons and Senate considered a bill that named individuals required to stand trial for treason. The bill was considered and altered by both houses of the legislature. But the year ended without it being enacted into law, and it was referred to the assembly session for the following year. However, by the time the session had convened in the spring of 1783, a peace treaty between the United States and Great Britain was nearing completion. The North Carolina legislature was then in a different mood and instead passed "An Act of Pardon and Oblivion". Among the names listed in the proposed 1782 bill as being required to stand trial for treason were the following:
Moses Moor
Samuel Buckerstaff
Nicholas Welch
Joseph Lawrence
Benjamin Moor
Aaron Bickerstaff
Benjamin Bickerstaff
(Turner, A Bill to Bring Traitors to Trial, 1782) 60 Moses Moore is listed in the book Abstracts of Sales of Confiscated Loyalist Land and Property in North Carolina by Dr. A. B. Pruitt: Lincoln County, Report Oct. session 1783 by Thomas Espey, John Barber, & John Carruth: ...
Sold at vendue -- estate of Moses Moore £29,828 curry.; land rented @ £425 curry.
(Pruitt, Abstracts of Sales of Confiscated Loyalist Land and Property in North Carolina, ) 42 Lincoln County, October session 1785:
The Committee to whom was refered the settlement of the "accompts" of the Commissioners of Confiscated Property for said county report as follows:
vizt. it is their "oppinion" that all the property of the disaffected persons sold by the Commissioners and not collected the notes and bonds be returned to the owner or owners and the specie notes be paid in specie indents according to the intent at the time of taking them and the currency notes in currency or by the scale and that all the cattle, provisions, etc. which they Commissioners "sized" being the property of disaffected persions which they actually gave to the public be confiscated to the use of the same. [signed] Robert Alexander, James Logon, & John Wilson.
Court concured with the said report and ordered the same to be entered on their minutes...
The following property ordered by Court to be returned to the former owners:
- recd. by the Commrs. notes & bonds from the sale of the estate of Moses Moore to the ammount of currency: £30,263.
(Pruitt, Abstracts of Sales of Confiscated Loyalist Land and Property in North Carolina, -73) 42 Salisbury Dist. Court Criminal Action Papers 1778-1792:
Folder for treason trials in 1778:
John Reignhart (Burke Co) -- statement Jul. 29, 1778 accuses Joseph Johnson, John Perkins, Christian Reignhart, Honniele Warlick, & Moses Moore of treason.
(Pruitt, Abstracts of Sales of Confiscated Loyalist Land and Property in North Carolina, -205) 42 Draper Information During 1880 and 1881, Lyman Copeland Draper corresponded with a number of people in North and South Carolina regarding John and Patrick Moore who served as Tory Colonels during the Revolutionary War. He did this as part of his research for his book Kings Mountain and Its Heroes 13 which was published in 1881. This correspondence is preserved as part of the Draper Manuscript Collection 15 by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. This information is relevant to Moses Moore as it provides some insight into his family. Lyman Draper sought to understand whether John and Patrick Moore were brothers. There are also two letters (see 4DD68 and 4DD70 ) that provide specific details of Moses Moore's family. Listed below are transcriptions of selected letters from the Draper Manuscript Collection that reference John, Patrick, or Moses Moore. These transcriptions were created from a microfilm copy of the original letters. They are presented in chronological order. There are other letters referencing John or Patrick Moore that are not transcribed below. For a more complete list see Moore Calendar . [6DD142 - partial transcription]
Lincoln Co. N. C. Jun 15th 1880

My dear Sir
Your two letters, a book, and pamphlet, all reached me the same day, for which accept my thanks -
As to the numerous inquires on Revolutionary matters, I [? _____] my inability to answer them all as fully as I could wish - on a very few of them I may, however, throw a little light.
Again in your second letter, you inquire where & when Cols John & Patrick Moore died - On this point I cannot be positive, but always supposed they died near the scene of their military operations - Would again advise you to write to some old persons of upper . Second - I never heard of either of the Moores (Tories) being at Kings Mtn Battle - Samuel Moore, a noted Whig of York Co. was there - & perhaps others of the name, still [? _____ _____ _____] Col John Moore [? ____ ____ ___] from Lincoln Co., son of Wm Moore, was not related to the Tory Col of that name. ...
Very truly yours -
C. L. Hunter

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ,  ] [6DD163 - partial transcription]
Gen. Jos. Dickson -
Col. John Moore , Tory

Lincolnton North Carolina
July 19/80

Mr. Lyman C. Draper
Dear Sir
Yours of the 15th at hand
The Tory Col. John Moore donned British uniform & came here & fought in the Battle of Ramsour's Mill which took place Jun 20/80 when the Tories were whipped & Col. Moore fled into So. Car. where he was killed. Of Patrick Moore his brother I know nothing. The Battle ground of Ramsour's Mill is 1/4 mile from our . & the Battle fought there was one of the most important of the old Revolutionary War - though there is not much said of it in History. The old house where Cornwallis stayed as he passed through this section on his road to Guilford . still stands - though much dilapidated. The Battle of Ramsour's Mill was between the Whigs & Tories.
I am a lady & advanced in life but stake a great interest in olden times & it will afford me great pleasure to give you my information I posses concerning our old soldiers.
Miss . Henderson

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ] [6DD166 - partial transcription]
Gen. Jos. Dickson - Col. John Moore , the Tory -
Mr. W. M. Reinhardt & Ramsour's Mill Battle

Lincolnton .
Aug 9/80

Mr. L. C. Draper
Dear Sir
I have deferred answering your letter hoping to gain more information. Concerning the Dicksons & Moores of whom you ask. You ask my authority for stating that Col. Jno. Moore the Tory was killed in So. Ca. - in reply I will state that tradition says so & I well recollect hearing my grand father, Maj. Lawson Henderson state the same - all of our old people [? de___] to have told the same story.
I would [? suggest] your writing Wallace M. Reinhardt the Clerk of our Superior Court & getting him to write you a full account of the Battle of Ramsour's Mill as given him by his maternal grandfather Col. Jno. Moore who commanded the whigs in that Battle & also his grandfather Reinhardt who was a Tory & lived in sight of the spot where the Battle was fought. W. Reinhardt has often gone over the old ground with his two grandfathers & has heard from their lips a full account of the whole affair. So that really in my opinion he is better acquainted with its history than any other person living - besides he was raised in sight of the old ground. & for many years has owned it. W. Reinhardt is now advanced in life & is a mere wreck of his former self still if he could be induced to write the account as received by him it would be more authentic than any account you could get. & really it ought to be put in some form so that it could be preserved.
There is a Wm L. Quin living near Palo Alto in Clay County, Mississippi who perhaps may be able to tell you something of the old Baptist preacher Moore who was a son of the old Tory. Mr Quin's father was a Baptist preacher & a very intelligent person & I am satisfied he has heard his father speak of him - say to Mr. Quin that I have referred you to him for information on the subject.
Be pleased to accept thanks for the volume of historical recollections you sent me. which was very acceptable. I take a great delight in all such works.
And rest assured I stand ready & willing to give you every assistance in my power in collecting materials for your work.
Miss A. E. Henderson

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ] [6DD148 - partial transcription]
Lowesville, Lincoln Co.
Aug. 10th 1880

Lyman C. Draper
My dear Sir
Your favor of Aug 3rd has been recd
Moses Moore , father of the Tory Col. John Moore lived about six or seven miles west of Lincolnton, and is buried in that vicinity - His son John fled after Ramsours battle to Cornwallis camp at or near Camden, & tradition does not speak of him ever returning -
Yours truly -
C. L. Hunter

[page images: ,  ] [6DD167]
Lincolnton .
Aug 19/80

Mr L. C. Draper
Dear Sir
I have just returned from W Reinhardt's office where I found him just comencing a letter to you - & he has promised me to tll you all ke knows on the subject of the Battle of Ramsour's Mill - also to give you a diagram of the Battle Ground - as well as he can bug he fears it will be a terrible thing. He certainly knows more about the Battle than any one living as he has received his information not only from his two grandfathers but from several of the old men who were in the battle - some were Tories - others [? Hessians] & others Whigs - besides when he was a boy he clerked for his uncle David Reinhardth who was employeed by all the old soldiers around here to get their pensions from the Government.
I learn that the Tory Gen. Jno. Moore has a daughter or grand daughter - or at any rate a near relative living in Gaston Co. (adjoining this Co.) whose name is Roberts - She is the widow of one Moses Roberts - & though she is now very aged & infirm she may be able to give you some information that will be of service.
She has a son living near Cherryville - to whom I would advise you to write - address -
   John H. Roberts
   Gaston County
   No. Ca.
This man is possessed of some intelligence & though he is now blind he will I think be able to tell you something of interest and perhaps something worth knowing. Though the [?___ble] is that Roberts in all probability is not very proud of his old grandfather Moore & perhaps may not want to talk or write about him. Still I would advise you to write & he may also give you information of Patrick Moore .
I forgot to tell you in giving the above address - you had perhaps better address said John H. Roberts as son of Moses Roberts deceased - which will insure the letter reaching the right person. Ask him to get you all the information he can from his aged Mother.
W. Reinhardt says Gen. Rutherford reached the Battle Ground of Ramsour's Mill just two hours after the battle was over.
I think Reinhardt's account of the Battle is more likely to be correct than that of Dr. Hunter as Dr. H has taken the history as written by Gen. Joseph Graham who was not in the Battle whilst Reinhardt has had a verbal account from eye wittnesses & those who joined in it.
Whatever Wm Quin writes you or states as facts you can depend on - his father was my grand-uncle by marriage. A Baptist preacher & was certainly one of the most intelligent men it has ever been my good fortune to meet - entirely self made too. I will still [? invest] my all in behalf of your Book. & if I can pick up any facts will send them to you.
I think you will hear from W. Reinhardt soon.
With [? ________] of respect I remain
Yours truly
A. E. Henderson

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ] [4DD71 - 4DD72]
Madison, Aug. 24th 1880

John H. Roberts, Esq -
My Dear Sir
I am preparing a work on the Revolutionary history of North & South Carolina - including King's Mountain battle; in it wish to notice not only the Whig leaders, but also the Loyalist leaders - many of whom were as honest in their opinions as their opponents.
Miss A. E. Henderson, post mistress of Lincolnton, has taken much pains in aiding me - & she just writes me referring me to you - saying that she understands that your mother, who is yet living descends from Col. John Moore who was the Loyalist leader at Ramsour's Mill.
I beg of you to do me the favor to obtain from your mother all she knows of Col. John Moore , & also of his brother Col. Patrick Moore - when & where they were from - their services - when & where they died, their ages - & what children they left.
If she or you can also tell about their military services, I wish you would do so.
I shall feel greatly interested to hear from you. At this late day, the faithful historian can well divest himself of all prejudices, & do justice to all parties. I want the facts to enable me to do so - I hope you will not fail to aid me - & your aged mother too - as fully as you can I hope you will not lose any time in writing me, so it may come in time to be of service to me.
Very Truly Yours,
Lyman C. Draper

I sent you a book of my writing on Wisconsin history, & some pamphlets - they afford you or your family some interest. L. C. D.

[page images: 4DD71 ,  4DD72 ] [6DD13 - partial transcription]
Selby, .
August 28th 1880

Dr L. C. Draper
Dear Sir: I embrace the present oppurtunity to reply to yours of the 16th 21st & 24th inst which I find in the office on my return home from visiting friends.
Note 6: Of Patrick Moore I know but little. I however learn that he lived & died in Spartanburg Co. where he raised a family some members of which I know. Rev Hugh Moore a Baptist clergyman whom I have heard preach when I was a boy. He was a fine looking man and a good preacher. With his sons Patrick & John Moore I am acquainted. John is yet alive nick named "Governor". Hugh Moore the father became a pension agent for Revolutionary soldiers and forged certificates and fraudulently drew money from the government for which he was prosecuted and sentenced to a term of years in the Penitentiary in [? Tennessee] where I understand he died disgracefully. John Moore lived east of the town of Lincolnton was a Tory leader and was in the battle of Ramsour's Mill. I learn that his descendants have about played out and are little known. Whether John & Patrick were brothers or no I am not able to say.
Very Respectfully
J. R. Logan

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ] [4DD64]
Col. Patk Moore

Spartanburg, SC
Sept 9. 1880

Hon L C Draper
Dear Sir
I have examined the records of Probate Court & can find no [? _____] Col. Patrick Moore . I have heard of him often & think he died in this county he was reported to have been a Royalist in the Revolution.
I know one of his sons with his grandson John Moore (governor) lives near Gaffney City of this county & that is his post office. If I see him I will draw out of him all I can & write you.
I am at your service to do anything I can for you.
I am ...
Simpson Bobo

[page images: ,  ] [4DD58-59]
Col. Patrick Moore Killed in .

Gaffney City, Spartanburg County, So. Ca.
Sept 27, 1880

L. C. Draper, Esqr -
Dear Sir:
Your letter to my father John Moore is to hand enquiring for Col. John & Patrick Moore . Patrick Moore was a Scotchman Came to American previous to the Revolutionary war - was engaged in the war - and killed at 96. - I do not know at what stage of the war he was killed but it is reasonable to suppose that it was just before the battle of Kings Mountain from the fact that strong efforts were being made in that section to rescue Maj. Butler. I have an old uncle in Georgia - perhaps he can give us more particulars - I will write to him at once.
Yours respt - Hugh Moore
[Draper added the following notes to the letter:]
Oct. 4th 80: Repeated substantially Nov. 8th 80:

1. You say Col Pat'k Moore was killed at Ninety Six: Do ou mean in the attack of Gen. Greene & his Whig tropps in June, 1781 - or do you mean he was killed in some other fight there, or near there, - or that he was in some way captured by the Whigs and killed? If so, how did it happen?
2nd. You speak of efforts made to rescue Col. Butler or Butter. I do not comprehend this reference. Perhaps you refer to the Whig Maj. Butler who somewhere in the Ninety Six region had a fight a sort of running one - with the Loyalist Maj. Cunningham - but neither was taken. If you refer to some other Maj. Butler or Butter please explain. If there was such an officer at King's Mountain on either side, I never heard of it.
3rd. How old was Col. P. Moore - to whom married - How many children did he leave?
4th. When & where did Col. John Moore die - was he a brother of Col. P. Moore - & which was the oldest?
5th. Does your father remember if Col. P. Moore was in the fight at Ramsour's Mill in Lincoln Co.?
6th. I hope you will hear from your old uncle in Georgia, & send me his letter. Tell me his name - post office, & age.

[page images: 4DD58 ,  4DD59 ] [4DD66 - partial transcription]
Loyalists Col. John & Patk Moore

Lincolnton .
Oct. 9/80

M. . Draper
Dear Sir
[? ____] of the 4th [? ___] reached me yesterday. I handed the letter to Dr. G. W. Michal of Newton who is here at present on a visit & who has promised me to go out in a day or two & see Mrs. Roberts & try & find out from her all she knows concerning John & Patrick Moore . After which visit Dr. Michal will write you all the information he can obtain. The descendents of the Tories around here are not very proud of their ancestors and, consequently, do not care to talk about them. I do not know how it is with Mrs. Roberts as I have not seen her since the days of my childhood.
Thanks for the two Books you sent me. I find them very entertaining - If I can be of any service to you at any time - don't fail to call on me. as it is a great pleasure to me to serve my friends.
Yours Truly,
. Henderson

[page images: ,  ] [4DD67]
Oct 12:80
. Gaston Co.
Cherryville po

Mr Draper,
Sir I met with Dr. Michael of Newton yesterday - & gave him as full a detail of the Moore family & the battle of Ramsour's Mill as I was in possession of I will in a few days give you all that I know about the men [? ___ ___] in the battle of Kings Mountain & the incidents relative to it. After giving you my warmest thanks for the very interesting books you sent me. I remain your true friend.
J. H. Roberts

Any thing else of interest I get I will forward to you. J. H. R.

[page image: 4DD67 ] [4DD68]
Lincolnton ., Oct 13th 1880.

Lyman C. Draper, Esq.
Dear Sir,
I have been in this place a few days, and learning from the post mistress that you have been endeavoring unsuccessfully to get information from an old lady by the name of Roberts, who was supposed to be a daughter of Lieut. Col. Moore . I concluded to visit her & get what I could from her for you. I found her eight miles west of this place, beyond Indian Creek. Her husband's father's mother was a sister of Lieut Col John Moore . She said it was reported that Col. Moore was hanged after the battle, near Salisbury - but afterwards this was contradicted & it is believed that he went to England. Mrs. Roberts who is about 80 years of age, knew nothing more, but told me that her son John H. knew all about the matter & advised me to see him & informed me that he had gone to Cherryville. I went to Cherryville & learned that he had left for home; I followed and overtook him on the way & got the following statement from him.
" Lieut. Col. John Moore was the son of Moses Moore who was born in Carlisle, England & came to the . in 1745 in company with Maurice Roberts. He married a Miss Winston & settled near Jamestown Va. In 1753 he moved to Tryon, afterwards Lincoln, & now Gaston Co. (8 miles west of Lincolnton). He had four children, 2 sons & 2 daughters. The sons were John, & Hugh F. Moore . John was educated in Granville Co. He joined the British Army in 177? & was made Capt., & afterwards promoted to Lieut. Colonel. He was sent to Indian Creek in Tryon Co., where his father lived to muster up all the Loyalists he could. He was encamped about half a mile west of his fathers house near a branch which is still called Camp branch. Here he gathered about 600 men. From this place he moved about 6 miles nearly north to a place which has been known ever since as 'Tory Branch'; here he gathered about 400 more Loyalists. While he was at this place he learned that Col. Locke was at the head of a Whig force which was detached from another body under Gen Rutherford, & he determined to attack him. He moved to Ramsours Mill, and camped one night, and was himself attacked by Locke next morning about day light with about an equal force. The field was strongly contested for about two hours. Being in- formed by a courier that Rutherford was near at hand, he withdrew. The loss at this place was about the same - about 93 on each side. He rallied his men 4 miles off on Clarks Creek & gave orders to them to return to their homes. Some time thereafter he rejoined Cornwallis; remained with him a short time; resigned his commission, and went to England. Hugh F. (John's brother) was a Captian in the battle of Ramsours Mill. Neither of them were married. After the battle at King Mtn their father moved to Florida & died near Tallahassie."
Neither John or his Mother knew anything about Patrick Moore .
In writing to you some time since from Newton in regard to the McDowells, I might have mentioned an incident connected with the fight on Cane Creek in Burke Co. In it was wounded a British Major named Dunlap who was conveyed to Gilbert Town. Although called town there was but one citizen there and he lived in a log house. This was the house of a man named Gilbert. When Ferguson retreated he left Maj Dunlap with the Gilberts & the old woman murdered him expecting to get gold among his effects. I have seen the blood stains in the old Gilbert house floor made when he was murdered; & his grave which is near. I would be glad to know whether you are fully satisfied in regard to the statements made about the McDowell family.
Very truly yours
G W Michal .

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ] [4DD99]
Lincolnton .
22 Oct 1880

Lyman C Draper Esqr.
Dear Friend -
My 2 last scraps not addressed yet I am aware of your extensive correspondance - glad you have a statement of Col. Jno. Moores life - was called on several times to go and look up his history; but was too frail feeble. Dr. Michal and Revd Mr. Johnson got it up. Since that an older relative Michal Roberts has been to see me, but his statements do not materially change the statements of John Roberts save that he ( Moore ) had never at no time around him more than a few solidiers around him until he went to Ramsour's Mill, he was at that spot drilling men for 10 days. After the battle, he had no organization of troops, had not even a corporal's guard. Patrick Moore is said to have been a Baptist preacher yet a Loyalist of the deepest dye. Col. Moore followed the fate of Cornwallis and went back with him to England so did Patrick Moore . Major John McDowell a brave [? ____] officer dashed up near Col. Moore where he was on Camp Creek, but the skies wee threatening - he had but few men and was in the midst of the Tory element - but out of the abundance of precaution he fell back - and joined Rutherford (perhaps) - he McDowell was a dashing brave man. I did not reach Kings Mountain - in early youth I went over that ground with several old soldiers who fought in that battle - the old Historic spot - my eye sight is failing rapidly I was so sorry that the Ramsour's Mill Centennial was not noticed - I tottered over that ground with one young man, and had a methodist minister to notice (sabath) yet 50 a good brave patriots fell there as ever fell any where during the revolution - yet unsung and I am grieved. - 23rd - a few old citizens contend that Col. John Moore was hung - near Kings Mountain so you see, there is some discrepancy
Your friend,
Wallace Moore Reinhardt

[page images: ,  ,  ,  ] [4DD101 - partial transcription]
Lincolnton .
9th Nov 80

Lyman C. Draper Esqr.
My Dear Friend
Your last letter at hand - as to Patrick Moore he is not as I learn the brother of Col Jno. Moore - he was a Baptist minister and preached to this country Toryism
...I find that Col Richard Rankin's post office is at Brevards Station Gaston County . he is related to the Moore family (whigs) can can tell you all about them - Col John Moore (whig) James Moore, William Moore, and my grand father Alexd Moore.
... your friend -
Wallace Moore Reinhardt

[page images: ,  ] [4DD60]
Gaffney, Spartanburg Co., So. Ca.
Nov 21st 1880

L. C. Draper Esqr
Dear Sir
Yours is to hand I have delayed an answer trying to get particulars, but have failed, to get the desired information I can't get any trace of Col John Moore at all. Col Patrick Moore was an Irish man full blood. Col P. Moore lived on Thickety Creek in this county - had 4 children viz Hugh, Polly, Betsy & Patsy his age I don't know; he must have been 50 years old. He was killed in open battle & buried at or near 96 as to which side he was on I am not certain. I learned some years ago that he acted as a spy for the Americans. Please read Horse Shoe Robinson you will get good information concerning the Battle of Kings Mt. - his character is vouched for & he also figured in this immediate neighborhood. some of the families he speaks of still live here yet It is thought that Col. P. Moore was particularly engaged in the rescue of Maj Butler I learn positively that at the time Butler was in the hand of the British & Tories, he left his home & said to his wife that help was needed on a particular occasion & he fill out his pledge to his best friend [? gain C] I know nothing about my uncle can't tell any thing at all Jno. Moore , nor nothing more of P. Moore .
By reading Horse Shoe Robinson you will find the name of Wat Adair his descendants are still living 8 miles from me the Dogwood Spring is now called Limestone Springs 3 miles. from me. Brindal Shoals 13 miles. Musgroves Mill 21 miles. My Father in law was well acquainted with Robinson
Yours respt
Hugh Moore
[page images: ,  ] [4DD69]
Col. John & Patrick Moore - abt. Cornwallis erroneous

Cherryville, Gaston Co., .
Mr. Draper Sir,
After the battle at Ramsours, Col. John & Patrick in company with several others making their way to Virginia were attacked at the [? nathan] ford on the Yadkin River and scatered this was the last time Jno. Moore saw Patric More . a short time after this there was seven loyalists captured and hung near Guilford Courthouse. it was thought for a time that Jno. More was one of the victims but in 1785 he wrote to his sister Hester Roberts enquiring after his father and his brother Patric also stating that he was in Carlisle, England in business with his uncle Robert Moore. this was the last that was heard of him as to his being with Col. Ferguson he never was he left Ld. Cornwallice about the time he advanced on the setlements of Broad River.
Cornwallice's march up Broad River was slow and cautious. he crossed Broad River at the Cherokee ford and followed the trail that Campbell went to Kings Mountain up to the Cowpens. here he met Col. Severe, Shelby, and Cleveland a sharp fight ensued. Cornwallice was taking by surprise him and his men soon fled leaving their dead and wounded on the field. he recrossed Broad River at ruff ford near [?_llice's] fery here he left some of his bagage wagons. he marched all night and halted at a place known as the "hickory tavern". from this place he marched to Ramsours Mill & camped on the ground where Jno. Moore was defeated. from here he marched to beaties ford on the Cataba River here the river was so swolen that he could not affect a crossing & fell back down the River near [? camrons] ford. the third day while crossing the River he was attacked by Col Davidson who had with him about four hundred provincials Cornwallice succeeded in crossing the River here. Col Davidson was killed by a rifle that of a gun said to have been in the hands of a Tory by the name of Hager. Cornwallice resumed his march in the direction of Salisbury. his rear guard was harassed and several of them killed before they reached [? ___] cross road here they attacked his main force but their number was so small they soon fell back. the proventials loss here was five slitly wounded. the loss of Cornwallice thirteen kill and twenty more wounded. this is the last that I know of Cornwallices retreat this detail is from an old manuscript found among the papers of Capt. Hambright.
Hoping this will be of some service to you I remain yours
J. H. Roberts

[page images: ,  ] [4DD70]
Cherryville, Gaston Co., N. C.
Nov. the 22

Mr Draper,
Lieut. Col. Jno. Moore was the oldest of four children, Hester next to him then Patrick & Barbry . Hester was the wife of Joshua Roberts the same man who carried the dispatches from Maj. Chronicle to Col. Campbell just before the battle of Kings Mountain. he was present at that battle, also at Ramsours and [? Stono]. he was authorized by Col. Drake of Granville Co. to raise a Company along the South fork and in the Indian Creek Settlement - little was known of Patrick Moore after the Battle of Ramsours - just after that Battle there were seven Tory officers captured. were in jail in Guilford Co. one of these was supposed to have been Patrick Moore as nothing never was herd of him afterwards. Col. Jno. Moores letter from Carlisle, Eng. to his sister my Grandmother stated that they got parted at Yadkin River and he never saw him afterwards. this letter with a great many other old papers I found among my Grandfathers old papers after his death in 1844. he lived on the old Moore farm which still belonged to my mother. there is no one that I can point out to you that could give you any information about the Moore family . I am the oldest of Moses M. Roberts children and was raised with my Grandfather & mother. I tried to get information from the old people of this country but can get none. Hoping this will be of some use to you. I remain your friend.
J. H. Roberts

[page image: 4DD70 ] [4DD61 - 4DD62]
Madison, Nov. 30th 1880

Col. Gaffney
My Dear Sir:
I wrote you in Sept. last abt. Col. Patk Moore . Since then Hugh Moore has twice written me. In his first letter he said he had an old uncle living in Georgia - but did not inform me his name, nor residence. I wrote [? ___] H. Moore again, begging for his uncle's address - bit in his second letter just rec'd, he omits to give it. As my time is limited, I thought I might perhaps obtain the name & residence of his uncle sooner through you, than to write him again. Have the goodness when you next see Mr. Moore or his father to get this information - & add below, & [? ___] send it to me. You will oblige me by doing so.
Very truely yours,
Lyman C. Draper

Gaffney City, .
Dec 14 1880
Dear Sir
Patrick Moore's address is Cartersville Georgia I never recd yours in September. Send you today a Sketch of the Battle of King's Mountain will be glad to give any additional information I can do not these Moore's are the "Whig" Moore you want - will write to a different family in reference to their ancestors -
Hoping to hear from you often
I am my dear Sir yrs respectfully
Wm W. Gaffney
[page images: 4DD61 ,  4DD62 ] [4DD63]
Col. Patk Moore
Cartersville, Ga
January 10th 1881

Lyman C Draper Esqr.
Dear Sir:
Your letter of inquiry relative to my grandfather of Dec 18th, 1880 was received in due time and contents noted. And would have replied somewhat earlier than this only for the bad weather and my inability from [? ______]. I do not know where my granndfather was born. I think that he was a native of the State of Virginia. All my people came from there to . I do not know how old he was when he died or was killed. He was killed near the military post called Ninety Six by what was then called the Whigs or Colonial troops. My understanding about how he was killed was that he was taken a prisoner by a scouting party and he was killed while in captivity. No one ever saw him just as he was killed, but his bones were found. The way they knew it was his bones was by their length. He was a very tall and large man. My grandmother told me that he was six feet and seven inches in height, and ... was in proportion. I have heard my grandmother tell of these things years ago, and really have forgotten much that I once did know. I am now 85 years old. He was killed during the Revolutionary War, and at the place where mentioned and by the parties, but whether it was at the first or last of the war I can't say for I do not know. I have said all that your questions suggests to my mind. Hoping you great success with your book. I am sir most respectfully
Patrick Moore

[Draper added the following notes to the letter:]
Jan. 13th 81:
1st: Was Col. John Moore (whose father Moses lived near Ramsour's Mill - that had a daughter Hester who married a Roberts) a brother of Patk Moore ?
2nd: If not, who was his father?
3rd: When was your father born - or when die & age? As your grd father left only 4 children, I wd not supose he was more than 35
4th: From what part of Va did the Moores come?
5th: Did your grandmother mention Col. Wade Hampton or Maj. Butler as having part in your grandfather's captivity & death?
6th: When your grd. mother die & age?

[page images: ,  ,  ] [4DD65 - partial transcription]
Stanley's Creek, Gaston Co.
Jan 28, 1881

Mr. Lyman C. Draper
Dear Sir
Your letter of Nov 17th ...
The Tory Col. John Moore after the battle of Ramsours Mill went to . - he was court [? martialed] for fighting the battle - he was sent [? ___ ___ ___ __] there died.
I remain truly yours,
Richard Rankin

[page images: ,  ] Revolutionary War Pension Applications Various Revolutionary War pension applications mention Moses Moore and/or his son Col. John Moore. Below are partial transcriptions of selected applications that provide some detail of Moses Moore's family: The pension application of Robert Knox () 46 names Moses Moore as the father of the Tory Colonel John Moore: State of North Carolina,
Lincoln County,
On this 11th day of October 1832 personally appeared Robert Knox before us William Little & John Turbyfill two of the acting Justices of the peace in & for said County at the house of said Robert Knox, he being unable to attend the Court, a resident of Lincoln County in the State of North Carolina, aged 90 years ...
I served another term in the regiment commanded by Col. McLean, when James Johnson acted as Lieut Colonel, but cannot recollect the name of the Captain, but recollect we were marched across Broad River in pursuit of Col John Moore who commanded a party of tories, I cannot remember the year, or the term I was out, one circumstance I recollect we marched to Moses Moores , father of Col John Moore , & then the soldiers destroyed his oats by thorwing them over to the horses, which the officers prevented when they came up -
Signed: Robert Knox The pension application of Abraham Forney () 43 also names Moses Moore as the father of the Tory Colonel John Moore: State of North Carolina,
Lincoln County:
October Session 1832
On this 31st day of October personally appeared in open court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the County of Lincoln now sitting Abraham Forny [sic] a resident of the County of Lincoln and State of North Carolina aged now about Seventy four years ...
That sometime in June 1780, there was a call upon the Militia, he volunteered and served as a private in Captain John Baldridge's Company and a part embodied at the time first mentioned at Ramsour's Mills, from thence we marched to Espey's, where we joined more troops and lay there about three weeks collecting men. At this place Colonel Graham & Lt. Col. Hambright took the command of us. From thence we marched to Lincoln old Court House, to old Moses Moore's , the father of Colonel John Moore the Tory and marched and counter marched through all that section of Country & hearing that Ferguson [Patrick Ferguson] was coming on in considerable force, it was concluded to retreat across the Catawba River at the Tuckaseegee Ford ...
Signed: Abraham Forney The pension application of John Copeland () 44 provides details of the trial and execution of Tory Colonel John Moore. Note that this account is supported by other accounts that indicate he died in South Carolina. However it is contradicted by family tradition coming from Moses Moore's great-grandson John H. Roberts which indicates that Colonel John Moore escaped to England: State of Kentucky,
Logan County,
On this 21st day of July 1834 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the County Court of Logan aforesaid now sitting John Copeland a resident of said County of Logan in the State of Kentucky aged Seventy four years last May ...
In three months after his return home to the best of his recollection he again entered into the service of the United States as a Substitute for One Robert Green in a company of Militia drafted in said County of York; said Captain Loving had the command of the said Company. We were marched to Orangeburg and stationed there to guard certain prisoners confined there. Among them was one Col. More [sic, Moore], a Tory who had commanded the Tory troops at Ramsour's Mills. He was one of a detachment who guarded said Moore & others to the place of trial execution about thirty miles off. Genl. Sumter presided at this trial & said Moore was condemned & executed at a Cross roads not far from the place of his trial. One James [? Fondain] was condemned at the same time and was under the gallows but received a pardon just at the moment when he expected to be turned off. He was stationed at said Orangeburg during the [?] of the time of his Service except when he was out in the neighborhood on Scouting parties. He served this campaign as a Lieutenant & was elected to that office after substituting for said Green. He was Lieutenant of the guard as before stated which conducted said Moore & others to the place of their trial & execution. After having served out his term of Service, he was again discharged by a written discharge from one Col. Brandon who had the command at Orangeburg.
Signed: John Copeland The pension application of Samuel Martin () 47 indicates that a brother of Tory Colonel John Moore was captured at the battle of Ramsour's Mill: State of North Carolina,
Lincoln County
On this 13th day of May 1833 personally appeared before me Isaac Holland Justice of the Peace for the said County of Lincoln & State aforesaid Samuel Martin of said County & State, aged Ninety nine years...
I received a commission from Governor Martin of North Carolina of Captain and was kept employed during the balance of the revolutionary war ranging the County of Tryon for the suppression of the Tories. I was with my company, in the Main Army commanded by General Rutherford, on their way to the battle that was fought with the Tories at Ramsour's Mill, in the County of Tryon, now Lincoln, but owing to a miscarriage by express of a communication, or misunderstanding between General Rutherford, the attack, was made by Captain Falls & others of the morning when we were within 16 or 18 miles of the battle and reached there after the defeat of the Tories on the same day. He had taken many Tories among them a brother of the celebrated Tory Colonel Moore .
Signed: Sam Martin Political Magazine Lyman Draper's biographical sketch of Moses Moore's loyalist son Colonel John Moore references an article from the April 1783 issue of the Political Magazine of London which indicates that Colonel Moore was captured and hung by Colonel Wade Hampton. I have not been able to locate a copy of this article myself, but a fellow researcher shared the following quote they had captured from the article. Please contact me if you know of a source for the complete article. I have found various libraries that have selected issues of the Political Magazine , but none that have the April 1783 issue. Political Magazine and Parliamentary, Naval, Military, and Literary Journal . IV (1783): -267:
: "The 890 men. . who revolted under Colonel Moore , Major Welsh, and Captain Bickerstaff, in 1780, having embodied without order or plan, were attacked at Ramsour's Mills on the South fork of Catabaw river in Tryon County, by the Rebel General Rutherford, and tho' many of these men who had fire Arms fought well, and slew six Rebel Captains and many Privates, yet for the want of proper management and subordination only, they were at the last overcome, and several were killed and wounded, many taken and imprisoned and privately murdered, and Colonel Moore in particular hath since been taken and hanged by a rebel Colonel Wade Hampton near the Congaree River." Possible Family Bible Record In 2006 a fellow researcher shared information with me that suggests the possibility a Bible record may have once existed for the family of Moses Moore. The information came from a report written by a now unknown professional researcher hired sometime in the 1990s by a descendant of Moses Moore who lived in Alabama. It consists of a quote from an unknown source describing a Bible record relating to the families of Moore, Lawrence, Login, and Roberts. The full text of the quote is as follows:

It is interesting to note that the biggest and most Biblically inaccurate Church, which is none other than mystery Babylon (Revelation 17) and a woman riding a beast (a woman in prophecy is a Church) that has the blood of millions of Christian saints on her hands has almost nothing coming against it. Why is this so? Satan attacks the Church with the most truth with the equivalent fire power of Hydrogen bombs and almost all Christians just believe these attacks like they are Gospel truth without researching to find out if they are lies. On the other hand, Satan does not attack this Church mystery Babylon at all that is guilty of so much heresy and crimes against God's people that God is going to destroy it with plagues at the time of the Battle of Armageddon . This Church is none other than the Church that changed God's Sabbath to Sunday in favour of Sun worship . You will find that any Sabbath keeping denomination of any significant size will have Satan coming against it. It is important to Satan that he keeps Christians deceived on the truth about the Sabbath especially. Read 666 and the mark of the beast or mark of the beast to find one of the reasons why. See also who and what is the Antichrist for solid Biblical proof and detailed information or antichrist truth revealed for brief detail.

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