Sole - i walk alone

Well, the whole conversation about foot-strike rarely came up prior to the barefoot running boom. Now it’s practically dinner party conversation, where the barefoot gang looks down their noses in disgust at shoe-wearing heel-strikers. And the increase in the volume of the foot-strike conversation has led to another question, which probably nobody asked prior to the publication of Born To Run. This is a question I’m emailed almost daily, namely, “How should my foot strike when I walk?”

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Sandy beaches and celebrated architects, memories of the Vikings and open air museums. Our voyage around the Danish coast takes us from old world windmills to the capital Copenhagen.

So cute. And so tight. I didn't think my toe knuckles were prominent, but apparently they are. In this shoe they barely squeezed into the toe box.

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Sole - I Walk AloneSole - I Walk AloneSole - I Walk AloneSole - I Walk Alone